Reflection Growing Into a Name

Emme Claire

She arrived to awaken beauty in the world, while she had not a name.
Leaving for the hospital, the rose bush on the back fence held little more than green, thorny stalks.

Three days later I am graced by bright, fuchsia roses; as they call to me through the kitchen window.
Standing here, I warm a bottle; nourishment for a delicate flower that brings color into my world.

As parents, we feel it is our duty to adorn our children with uniquely beautiful names.
As our children grow into that name, we ask how they could have held any other.

I am wondering now: that perhaps, not only do our children grow into their names
But, are their names growing into them as well?

A name, then, is a sepal of support fostering a nameless bloom;
A shelter, gentle in revealing shy petals that open only slowly before our eyes.

In this way, a child's name becomes even more beautiful as our little ones awaken into the world;
Clothed in the great affection of the syllables we have chosen to embrace them.

We begin to say their names with so much care.

Staring out a different window, I see floral visions of yellow, orange, red and deep purple:
Forsythia, Marigold, Tulip, and Iris.

Though, I would like to believe that my children have awakened these blossoms, it is far more likely that- like their names- these flowers and my children grow in support of one another.

Both may grow just as well un-named; the flowers and our children.
Names, though, allow us to more deeply grasp the wild essence of mysteries that are not so simply beheld.

Welcome to this world Emme Claire.
I encounter your beauty every day, when it seems, I have seen you again for the first time.

Bill Hudson   # May 25, 2016

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