Reflection The Shore of Consciousness

Tidal Moon

There is no Man in the Moon that I can see.
Yet, what immortal hand did form the gradients of this deft circling orb?
Shining in the heavens tranquil shadows tell and mourn the loss of a once vast sea.

A sea of molten rock and flames that have erased all blemish,
forever to reveal what for so long was held below.
Now a dark facade of deep stain, once a paradox of sorts;
pools of ancient fire calling for the distant waters to quench their thirst.

Dim valleys and illuminated, lunar heights continue in their yearn and strain.
Together our worlds are held in a rhythmic dance of longing and pull;
the coaxing of earthly watery depths into peaks billowing, ever more near.

Torrents of invisible force escape your sphere,
to turn eternal tides and erode our structures of sand.
The wonder in my soul turns alike:
What earthly circle may be drawn to sister Thy tidal energy.

I see no Man in the Moon, I see only God,
and know it is His beauty that turns deep within me.
His are the waves that reach the shore of my consciousness.

Bill Hudson   # May 18, 2015

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