Reflection Thoughts in Black and White

A Grayscale Rubik's Cube

What is today but white and marvelous?
What do I want for? Nothing.

What was yesterday but pain and black forgetfulness?
What that I lacked yesterday, did I acquire in this very moment? Everything.

Why do I think: When I am able to be the same 'me' on all sides of the cube, that is when this puzzle will be solved?
It is actually on the corner, of where today and tomorrow meet, where we shall encounter our true selves.

Leaning round the corner, a glimpse of tomorrow reveals a scale of gray boxes, not yet teetered to either black or white.
Why not wonder: On what side of this cube live the boxes of color?

Such a "dangerous" notion brings on an entirely new set of inquiries:
Where between the void of blackness and the white sheen of perfection do I find this color?
And how do I bring color to all sides of my soul?
By twisting and contorting the mystery that is me?

No. Stop the twisting and just be.
The soul cannot be forced to feel happiness, neither should we flee from struggle.
Perhaps mindfulness is the lens that reveals the black and white, as color.

The color is already here, it is we who filter the light. Yesterday was not black, and today is not white.
Our souls are not a grayscale Rubik's Cube, they are mysterious creations of the most vibrant color.
We are all unique, beautiful and diverse. Wavelengths of profound color.

Bill Hudson   # May 18, 2015

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