Reflection Testing the Limits Together

Boundary Without Limit

The boundaries are getting wider,
while I used to chase after every uncertain step.

Today I shout "Don't go past the neighbor’s house!"
Tomorrow's boundary is the end of our street.

In the distance I see a little boy, he goes to the edge and takes one more step.
Perhaps, he is not over-stepping his bounds only testing Limitation.

The bricked walls of limit stifle our vision and seal us off from the day.
Loosely-stacked stone boundaries let through the clearness of air amidst warm, bright rays.

Someday the boundaries I set will become non-existent and his limitations,
I hope, will become a horizon that a proud father cannot glimpse or conceive.

My prayer is that he will always throw off doubt and that his achievements,
that they will never be hindered by self-imposed limits; walls of the worst kind!

Walls are built to separate and their bricks mortared in fear.
Boundaries are low altars of stone that honor the distant frontier.

If I could only but teach him how to stack the stones and keep my own fear from sealing him in,
perhaps his courage will unbound me as we test the limits together.

Bill Hudson   # March 30, 2015

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