Reflection The gathering of possibility

A Long Winter

A long winter.

How great is the possibility that remains covered under this blanket of winter? What flowers sleep beneath the unrelenting frost?

A long winter shall certainly stifle the zeal of spring... or shall it? Perhaps it is the last vanishing patches of white that will reveal the most vibrant colours of spring time!

If winter is the steady hand that coils a clock-spring, will not the winding set into motion ornate hands on the clock-face of creation? Will not bell chimes soon be heard from the tower steeple?!

Spring will come.

For now, reach out and touch the petals of your thoughts. Relax into the all-embracing fragrance of spring. Lay your shoulders back against a firm white oak and sprawl your legs across a soft patch of clover.

In this place the wind will whisper the hidden message of winter: When the colours of spring remain hidden from sight, in the mid of winter, awaken the senses of the mind.

Bill Hudson   # May 14, 2014

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